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    Get Your Zen On!

    In the center of it all, where do you find your center? My watch chimes throughout the day to remind me to “Breathe”, because honestly, sometimes I forget. At my own pace, slowly but surely, Yoga Vida NYC is bringing me from “Oh?” to “Ohm” when it comes to quieting my mind. Each class style supports healthier, happier lives for any walk of life. From beginners to yogis, Yoga Vida is here to restore and reset your body, soul and…

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    FREE Valentine’s Day Slime Printable

    With love looming in the air, everyone wants in on Valentine’s Day.  Yes even the kiddos, and we think it is super cute, and festive for them to be involved.  So…

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    DIY Mermaid Crowns

    We can believe in magic, but we can also create our own! This DIY mermaid crown will bring a sparkle to the eye that could grant any wish. Coming together to make this…