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Having two avid gamers in our house, naturally we jumped at the chance to have breakfast while reviewing new games at a private event at NintendoWorld.  If you have never been to NintendoWorld it is a walk down memory lane for us old folk, and a window of opportunity for little and big gamers alike.

nintendo original

Every Nintendo product we grew up with is on display, for our children to pass weird comments, ie. “Mom why is there a box in that case?”  They have no idea how far of a journey Nintendo has come, as they play the new Nintendo 2DS.

We were there for an introduction to Yoshi’s New Island and Disney Magical World.  Being of the first to actually play the game was an incredible opportunity for both JD, Michael (my nephew), and the hubby! Joseph and Mikey also had the opportunity to speak with Nintendo executives and designers, who obviously are their idols.

yoshi world

After a hard morning of gaming the boys left with some Nintendo swag, and promise to give you a full review on Yoshi’s New Island, and Disney Magical Kingdom.


NintendoWorld is where the World comes to play, so take a look at their events calendar and schedule a visit in with the gamers in your family.

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