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Can you attempt this Sleek Fashion Week look?

While it feels like 2016 has just begun, there have already been countless award and fashion shows during this short period, enticing us with the latest and greatest trends set by world famous celebrities, designers and influencers. The ever-changing fashion world may be hard to keep up with, but with your individuality and style you can become a trendsetter yourself, while straying true to your #100PorCientoTu with a few tips and easy #DIY hairstyle recommendations by our TRESemmé and AXE experts.

For women, deep side parted polished hairstyles are among the “it” things of the moment, so TRESemmé stylist Marco Peña recommends sleek looks, like the ones that were showcased during Marissa Webb’s fashion show. The best part? You can recreate them yourself!

Sleek Pony pony2

1.  Prep damp hair with TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Mousse, and then use a comb to create a deep side part. 

2.  Blow dry in the direction of the part with a flat brush, guiding hair towards the nape of the neck for a polished look.

3.  Gather hair into a low ponytail using a comb and fasten with an elastic.

4.  Apply TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Gel along part and hairline using a hair color application brush for a sleek, refined finish.

5.   Set the look with TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray.


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