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Moms Nite Out with Mom Trends

Where can a mom find balance? I do not mean the balance brought on by a hot yoga class and a few “ohhhhms”, or trying to figure how to keep your handbag as a purse instead of your kid’s cubby. I am talking about that balance where the thought of a Mom’s nite out does not lead to putting a pause on your children’s schedule.

We all need to learn how to indulge, and enjoy time with our friends which usually entails full discussions about the children, best practices and products to make our lives easier. We did just that last week while attending the Mom Trends 3rd annual Moms Nite Out with a few brands that are quickly becoming a staple in our home.

Boiron USA

With flu season about to hit us just as hard and quick as the holiday season we took a minute to slow down and hit up the smoothie bar hosted by Boiron. My goal as of late has been to take better care of myself, and maintain a clean healthy diet. With all the healthy fruits, veggies, seeds and protein options I was eager to customize a immunity boosting drink for myself as my snack for the night. I also took home a copy of the recipe itself because it was so good, I am obsessed.

For more on Boiron the homeopathic brand we know and trust for both adults and children, read our Home Sweet Homeopathic alternatives with boiron. 


With an appetite like my children who want to consume basically nothing but junk food, my concerns of digestive upset are forever growing. If you have a little one and have similar concerns you are fortunate to have brands such as Culturelle available for delivery to your home. Culturelle is recommended for children ages 0 – 12 months and will work naturally with their little bodies.

Styled by PEYTON & PARKER 

Hello Peyton & Parker and Hello Holidays! The new collection released by JC Penney has everything we need to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Wardrobe styling selections for everyone in your family including your pets. Along with festive lifestyle pieces to add just enough glitter and plaid decor to celebrate in style without going overboard. Take a look at their collection and tell us your thoughts.

Taking a moment to relax with VTECH TOYS

The daily grind keeps us busy, and some days we just need a minute to sit on the sofa with a Parents magazine and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Yes dare I say hot. Vtech toys has literally given me these moments for years since my children have been born. Their toys are each interactive as well as educational, keeping my children entertained for far longer then I have ever anticipated. Which it why it was only natural Vtech would host a relaxation lounge at the Momtrends Moms Nite Out event.



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