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A Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Celebration

Most playdates are scheduled activities. Mom looks at the calendar calls another mom and makes a plan. Then there is my daughter who takes matters into her own hands, because at the age of 8 she has the need to be in control when possible.

Gia has asked for a playdate for weeks, and our schedules are just crazy. So I was procrastinating. Then I received a text message Wednesday evening, asking what time is our playdate on Saturday? Initially I’m thinking oh sh** I planned a playdate and its not in my planner? So I write back 4 pm.

Fast forward to realize Gia took matters into her own hands and planned a playdate. I’ve learned the key to managing Gia’s controlling behavior is to control myself. Rather than go for a power struggle I said Bravo to her for taking it into her own hands. Then I realized we had my niece and nephew coming over so naturally I turned it into a small Valentines Day celebration.

A quick run through of the Target craft section, and we purchased white Valentine boxes to decorate, washable paints, and stickers. We also picked up a cake batter, sprinkles, and frosting and chocolates of course.

Saturday morning, Gia and I agreed the dining room lacked Valentine’s Day Decor, so we did a quick run through of Party City to grab a few items. Gia made a list of what decor she wanted and I did as well. Knowing she is a child who likes to be in control, I try to give her the opportunity to do so when possible. So we stayed together but split up the list and went shopping.

We ordered snacks for the kids from a local restaurant and created a Tribe Hummus dessert platter for dessert, sneaking in healthy snacks is my specialty! Check out our Tribe Hummus Dessert Platter here along with a yummy Chocolate Thumbprint cookie recipe.

When it came to putting it all together we split up responsibilities and pulled off a cutesy get together, and the kids had fun! Most importantly for me, both Gia and I remained in control minus any tantrums from her or motivational speaking from me. I also had a little extra time since my list was short so I created cutesy labels using my Cricut you can find the samples here if you’d like to create the design as well.

To create the name labels, simply click on the project and customize. Then click on the Name and edit to the name of your choice. Then highlight the design and name together and click group. Next click attach so it prints as one piece. I used Holographic vinyl which gave the box a pop with the pink/red background of the boxes the kids painted. Personalizing the boxes was a cute touch the kids enjoyed and the moms enjoyed no tears over whose box is whose :).

While their boxes dried the kids also decorated cupcakes, and answered a fun questionnaire we picked up from the Target dollar section. In the end Gia thanked me for going along with her plan and I thanked her for a fun afternoon.

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