Alex DIY Cobra Bands


What is it? Sporty cobra bands with buckles kids can create themselves while learning how to tie a cobra knot. The kit contains 10 paracords, five plastic buckles, and a finishing tool.

Why kids like it?  Kids can get creative and make their own sporty cobra bands with buckles. My son loved it because it is something he made with dad, and then eventually on his own.

JD also learned how to tie a cobra knot, which apparently is a great technique to learn.  JD is 7 and once he and dad created the first bracelet together, he was able to do the next on his own with little guidance from an adult.

Makes a great gift for boys, (girl version is below) they can create their bracelets and keep for themselves or gift them to someone else. Perfect gift for a friend or cousin from your kids or you!

Recommended for ages 8+

Head over to Alex Toys and check out the variety of cool DIY projects they have for kids of all ages.  Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on new projects as they are released.

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Available in boys and girls version


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