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Are You Ready to Commit to Your Goals and Dreams?

The New Year has kicked off, and I have declared 2020 my year to not only make New Years resolutions but to commit to them. Like every other family we have quickly become professional jugglers. We manage sporting activities, game, dance, and school schedules, doctors and dentist appointments. That is just the Mom side of life of activities, and I am skipping a whole lot of planning. Throw in my blogging, work schedule and carving out time for self care, organizing, meals and more.

How can we possibly commit to anything else with all this going on?!

My plan of action involves the Commit 30 planner and once I explain how I make it work for my family, you will be happy to participate in our giveaway below to put your own plan into action!

Planning Tips with Commit 30

Every Sunday evening after the littles are asleep, the backpacks are packed and uniforms are steamed, with a cup of vita cup tea in hand I sit down at my desk and plan. I use the weekly layout and plan so hard my entire week is written down before me. Meetings, events, activities, my own as well as the kids deadlines, written in, and color coded of course.

Filling in my monthly goal is personal. Once a month I fill in what my goal is for the current month and I brainstorm the action steps on how I will reach my goal. At the end of the month I then regroup and access my success or progress. Like anything else in life I have to be realistic, otherwise I am setting myself up for failure. The goal is obviously to commit, plan and succeed. This month my personal goal is to decrease my sugar intake. Where my work goal is to increase my Pinterest presence. Follow along via instagram and Pinterest and I will let you know how it goes.

In 30 days we can make or break a new or old habit, and the Commit 30 planner is designed to help us take action on our visions, priorities, and most importantly as one of my resolutions my own self-care. I am committed to reaching my goal on my own schedule. You can get started today and join me via Commit30! 

A well committed life all begins with a plan. Planning out my week allows me the opportunity to show up and be present without having to worry about what is coming next. My days planning events, and blogging are all scheduled before me allowing me to limit distractions and create the best life possible for my family. If you are ready to plan your weeks and create your own goals and action plans enter our giveaway below.

While you are waiting for this giveaway to end be sure to visit for free downloads including a sample planner and a variety of 30 day challenges.

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