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Kicking off the Holiday Season with MomTrends

We are back in the swing of it all. Let the bells jingle and the lights brightly twinkle, but don’t look up and tell me it’s going to snow! I don’t know if any of us is ever truly ready for that.  However, I do think this wonderful time of the year is not only for the merriment of our children but also for us. Losing our cool over the latest gifts, and trying to figure out which family guests…

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Rainbow Light, the Vital Vitamins for you and yours!

Every family has their own veggie tales. Not in reference to the tv show, but to the tale as old as time when trying to get our children to eat more fruits and vegetables. It’s like we become secret health agents, attempting to sneak any bit of greens into a smoothie, or making rice that is incognito cauliflower (a touchdown for this mama!) or pizza crust, because it is the number one food for my kids. But these tricks only…

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Thanksgiving Day Printables

Some families are big, and spread out with everone running to and fro, despite technology, it isn’t always easy to keep up with whats going on in each others lives. Hopefully you will be surrounded by loved ones on Thanksgiving Day so we have curated conversation starter cards to ask each other questions, share something new and possibly bridge a generation gap, once you instill the no electronics at the table rule. These Thanksgiving Day Printables are ready for you and your family…

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Home Sweet Homeopathic Alternatives with Boiron USA for this Flu Season

It is like the sounding of an alarm. Subtle under the breath or loud like a roar; it is a cough coming from your little thumbsucker. A mother’s instinct knows when flu season is approaching, however the sound of cough only solidifies it and it becomes game time (for both fighting colds and holiday shopping). Sometimes we turn to a remedy passed down by family, hoping for a divine cure in seconds because we cannot miss another sports practice. Sometimes…

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Moms Nite Out with Mom Trends

Where can a mom find balance? I do not mean the balance brought on by a hot yoga class and a few “ohhhhms”, or trying to figure how to keep your handbag as a purse instead of your kid’s cubby. I am talking about that balance where the thought of a Mom’s nite out does not lead to putting a pause on your children’s schedule. We all need to learn how to indulge, and enjoy time with our friends which…

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Pumpkin Bread Trifle made from love with Krusteaz and Giveaway!

Ok I have fully transitioned to Fall.  We are all about Fall activities, which for us includes baking and creating our own recipes.  I love when family comes over and smells pumpkin spice and declares they are not pumpkin type of people.  Naturally I ignore, and pour them a cup of coffee, which includes in-laws, my mom etc and insist they test whichever Krusteaz mix we have just baked. Instant Swoon!  Everytime. This past week we were tasked to create…

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