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Mom Must Have Giveaway!

When it comes to being a mom, chaos is expected – but we are giving away a few choice products that can help moms survive the day-to-day mayhem. Hands Free is absolutely the way to be as a Mom. The Sash Bag is a hands free bag that unburdens moms with sash wearing construction and internal organization. The Sash Bag is designed to free hands with it’s cross-body style, while streamlining and organizing contents with its interior system. Created by…

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Celebrating New Years Eve with Kids as Seen on News 12

Reminiscing my childhood years, I can remember how boring New Years Eve was for my siblings and I.  I am sure you can relate. It usually entailed the older kids babysitting the younger ones. Fast Forward to 2019, and we have hourly themed activities, (printable clocks can be found here 6 – 8 pm, 9 pm – 12 am, and can be glued to paper gifts bags). We’ve checked all the boxes and have a little fun for all kids ringing…

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DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments

Downtime for our family usually involves crafting especially during Christmas time. Last night with a little less than an hour to spare and an explosion of Christmas decor encompassing our living space we decided lets create ornaments! I mean why not? Listed below are the items needed to create these DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments. What is needed to make our DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments: Start with choosing a Christmasy themed word. (Hidden mom win, getting my daughter to play with…

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American Girl Gift Trunk Giveaway!

We are Celebrating what makes our Gia Amelia shine with the ultimate gift! Gia’s caring nature, artistic talent, and love of music and dance is all included within the American Girl gift trunk we chose. The gift trunk Gia and I customized together at the American Girl Doll Store has arrived and includes everything that makes our girl glow even brighter. Nanea is a doll that Gia has been asking for, but never did she imagine to receive play packs that match her…

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FREE Elf on the Shelf Printables

Yay! You found us! You are probably here because you are just as involved in the Christmas tradition called Elf on the Shelf as we are. What started as a dream for Chanda Bell has now become a Christmas tradition in our family. Along with our elves, Rapunzel and Kevin comes the new magical pet The Artic Fox. Have you watched the inspirational film Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale? We have an enjoyed the inspiring messages of hope…

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