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Back to School will be here before we know it. But before you go and do that happy dance and attempt to indulge in a second cup of coffee in pure silence, take a look at these awesome products we were introduced to at the annual Mom Trends Back to School event. Each of which will make our lives as busy Moms much easier with the new semester upon us.


Say vamanos from bad hair days to picture perfect school moments with Vamouse hair care. A leading product in head lice treatment and daily bodily defense. One and done, this foaming mousse targets against lice and eggs that lie deep in follicles using pesticide-free ingredients. Upon purchase, follow the easy How to Use pamphlet included in the package, and finish with a simple rinse and great scent!


If you’ve got a minute, then Yumbles has your meals covered. Requiring no cook but all the crave for each delicious set, this weekly subscription of pre prepped school or meals for the home are nutritious, balanced, and regionally sourced for our growing little ones. Always fresh to bite, Buon appetite with yummy recipes and a sticker surprise inside! Each package includes sticker sheets to add a twist to your kids lunchtime treat. Let their your tummy’s grumble no more with hunger, Yumble is here to be their tastebuddy!


Street cred comes naturally to this little when she steps out in her fun and fresh fashionable ways! Appaman is elevating her daily school looks with their inspired style of Ameripop iconic imagery and innovative take on kidwear. We were so excited to show off our love for this brand at their very special fashion show, decked out in a poppin pink to celebrate the ultimate Appaman attitude. 

Hey Rowan Girl

Gia was all ears for Hey Rowan’s beautiful pieces as she begins to wear earrings again. These classic sterling silver Berry earrings is the perfect match to my little ones sweetness, both for her style and spirit! Experienced nurses are also available to come to your home to book piercings, and they guarantee this special memory to be safe and exciting!

Plum Print

For me, every piece of paper my little ones doodles, draws and brings home from school are a master piece, but with my doodlers, those pictures stack up! Plum Prints always inspires me to take their works of art and make them into the best keepsake—- a custom book! Let each page fill with their whimsical imaginations from their youngest days to their teenage. This will definitely be a heartwarming way to take a look back on moments and definitely read it and weep (happy tears!).

Pair Me

These shoes were made for accessorizing! PairMe products is keeping us light on our feet with their peel and stick shoe accessories. A great way for little ones to learn which shoe goes on the correct foot, watch how the vibrant dolphin sticker brightens every step of the way! 

Lundberg Farms

Get that chip off your shoulder and have one as a snack with Lundberg Farms’ bold bites! Flavorful, crunchy and bold, you’ll definitely find a crave for their crisps in one of their six flavors! We will be super snackin on these chips during school snack time, looks like we’re going to have to go back for more.

Twelve Little

As a #girlboss, the hustle always keep going to get your bag, but Twelve Little makes sure everything fits in it! Made to make room for big and small days, this brand and it’s 12 little wonders story is here to provide us with the ultimate lush back packs and baby bags. Precise to your lifestyle in all its sizes, shapes and styles, let Twelve Little pack up all your parenting worries and woes with one of its wondrous school backpacks.  


We see it, we like it, we want it; we label it. A go to in our every day organizing routine, there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t use Mabel’s Labels to keep our toys and special things in check. Now the limits have been released and we can tackle everything! You get a stamp, You get a stamp! From backpacks to notebooks, keep everything in its trace with a stamp of approval from Mabels Labels and keep all your treasured items in place! USE CODE MOMTRENDSBTS for 10% off all labels (excludes stamp)

Which of the above are must have items for your littles heading back to school? Comment below and let us know!

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