Back to School with SanDisk

How many photos have you taken today?  Exactly!  We have quickly become a nation that uses our smartphones or cameras to document every important memory and occasion.  Naturally with documenting each memory we want to maintain space and protect each memory.

Within a few weeks school will be underway and a new lists of firsts will begin, the cute photos of the first day of school, first time our little ones wear their uniform, first after school activity and so much more!   Sadly often nothing more will be done with our images then sharing them with family members via social media or email.   However the fact remains we want to ensure they are safely stored for us to flip back and view them.

Which is why we recomend you head back to school with SanDisk from BestBuy.

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SanDisk has been our only choice of memory cards from the purchase of our first camera after our first child was born.  From professional-grade camera memory to point-and-shoot SD cards to microSD cards.  Sandisk delivers the industry-leading performance and reliability we have always known and relied upon.

Always one to maintain a continuous shoot mode a 64GB is the perfect SD card for my DSLR camera, it maintains enough space to get me through a weeks worth of outings with my family.  Despite how many pictures I take!


SanDisk micro SD card can also be added to your smartphone/tablet, allowing you the freedom to download more of the apps you love and keep capturing those moments you don’t want to miss.  All without the pop up Low Storage warning because no one has time to delete images to take new ones!

Our smart phones help us share our daily lives via social media so their performance has to keep up.  The SanDisk microSD™ cards allows my smartphone to have a more responsive camera function and a smoother media playback.  The capapcity options range from 4GB to 200 GB it all depends on your need for additional storage or the ability to shoot high resolution video on the go.

sandisk 1

You can also say goodbye to those cables which somehow, no matter how organized my house is, we can never find. The SanDisk iXpand allows students to transfer notes taken on their tablet over to their laptop hassle free, as well as eliminates the need to travel with the laptop itself.   Additionally once the notes are transferred, you can delete and free up the space.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


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