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BAD MOMS Movie screening with The MOMS #BADMOMSNYC

Life can get hectic and messy, and as moms we are so busy cleaning up after everything that we almost never take a moment for ourselves.  Which is why I was so happy to have a night with friends to attend the Bad Moms screening with The Moms, Viva Towels and Kidbox.

Viva Towels has been thankfully unleashing clean in our home for quite a while now.  Their towels work like a cloth, and have the power to take on any mess.  Believe me I know we have a cereal/milk spill everyday!

Kidbox is a great way to get the stylish cloths we so desire for our little ones without having to deal with the in store melt downs. This monthly subscription is a time saver, and saves you from needing an extra glass of wine in my opinion.

Clearly both sponsors were a win win, for any Moms Night Out.  For more on the event itself and to hear what Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn had to say watch the video below.


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