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Baking it until we make it, for Valentines Day

Where there is a whisk there is a way… Ok truth be told, I didn’t whisk up anything, but I did have quite the experience in the supermarket with the kids. I mean the type of event that you try not to make eye contact with the other shoppers, because clearly they all thought I was out of my mind. I have adopted this new concept of not stressing over every meltdown. Saying that out loud, or typing it sounds funny right?!

Instead I am mastering the redirect. I mean hard core mastering, like it is my only life goal without a life line to phone a friend. So today in the supermarket as the kids asked for the sugariest treats known to man kind, (insert June Cleaver voice), I simply said oh no sweetie, I have a better idea. Naturally this began a melt down, to which I replied, try this over here instead as I turned and walked away. Also insert shoppers in horror watching my daughter upset, crying, having an after-school, I need a nap and a snack meltdown. Clearly they do not have children who have ever had a meltdown, with their disapproving stares. We have all been there.

Then for the let’s get a move on, redirect…. I said we should make our own version of Pop-Tarts, when we get home! Thankfully this peaked everyone’s interest.

Valentines Day Pop Tarts

We are adding a pop of flavor to our Kids Valentine’s celebrations with home made treats we love to make. Sometimes baking it until we make it is all a mom can do to get us until that moment we tuck our littles in and celebrate surviving another day. (Technically in the end we went with air frying).

I am no over achiever on a school night, I leave that to the professionals. On a school night, it is about the activity, engaging with the kids and creating memories. So yes, we went with Stop and Shop brand pie crust to create our own pop tarts.

Simply unroll the pie crust, and use cookie cutters of your choice. As I was Marie Kondoing our home, I tossed all the cookie cutters. Not one survived the Kondpopolypse. So we used the one thing we have more than enough of Ball Mason jar lid rings as cookie cutters.

We cut out two identical size circles, then spread Nutella, and Strawberry preserve, and crushed vanilla wafers. Not my first choice, but the kids were enjoying it, so nothing else mattered.

We then placed the top layer over the messy layer of gooey godness and sealed the two together by forking the edges.

Before baking JD whisked an egg for an egg wash. Brushing over their pop tarts with the egg wash, their heart sprinkles sticked nicely. Clearly Gia takes the Sprinkles make everything better quote a little serious.

Next we placed the pop tarts on a wire rack in our Cuisanart Air Fryer toaster oven for ten minutes, and then set them aside to cool down. Both decided to store their poptarts away for snack the following day.

Voila! Homemade (sort of) pop tarts, and memories made. Patting myself on the back today for winning the day. How do you win the day with your family?

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