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Bounce is ready to burst with outdoor freshness

bounce bursts

On a rainy day this week, I was invited to enjoy the freshness of the outdoors in the old Bowery train station, which was transformed into a gorgeous living space courtesy of Thom Filicia and Bounce.


Bounce is taking a leap, and jumping into our washing machines with Bounce Bursts.  Bounce Burst comes in a convenient bead form, concentrated with Outdoor Fresh perfume ingredients, which can be tossed into your WASH! Until now Bounce has only lived in our dryer, which is why it was no surprise when our laundry was being done, we actually received a phone call to confirm the Bounce Bursts were to go into the washing machine.

Bounce Bursts allows you the opportunity to enjoy Outdoor Freshness even on the days you are stuck in the office, or home. By simply adding, as little or as much of Bounce Bursts to your wash cycle you are treating your fabrics with time released freshness capsules.   As you go about your day, the time released freshness capsules will burst releasing the scent of Outdoor Freshness.

Always one to appreciate a great display, I enjoyed the transformation of the old Bowery station.  Upon entering we were met with clothing lines, with fabrics, which were all washed in Bounce Bursts.   Reminiscent of my youth, and my nanny at the window hanging the clothes out to dry, the clothesline, scent of the outdoors, and my memories instantly transported me to a happy place.

It is all too often with all that we do in our lives, between working in the office, and the endless errands, that we forget to enjoy the outdoors.  This is sad considering the impact the outdoors has on the way we feel, and our emotional well-being.  According to a study, 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outside, changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm and balanced feeling.


Bounce has partnered with celebrity designer, Thom Filicia, who understands the benefits of transforming an indoor space into an outdoor space.  Through his designs he has created environments that can be enjoyed by all of our senses.  “It can be as simple as using floral-inspired patterns and colored fabrics to add a fun and unexpected pop to your space and then washing them in Bounce Bursts to give them a boost of Outdoor Fresh scent,” said Thom Filicia.

Are you ready to unleash the freshness of the outdoors in your living space?  Tell us how below, and enter to win a Bounce Bursts, and dryer sheets!

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Disclosure: I was invited to a media influencer event, and did receive Bounce Bursts to review.  All opinions expressed are as always 100% my own.

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