Climb this summer with Boundless Adventures

Boundless Adventures challenges even the biggest adventurer.   Located on the campus of Purchase College, easily accessible from the major highways and public transportation coming form the Bronx.   Bring any adventurer aged 7 and up for 3 hours of climbing, zipping and navigating the elements with each ticket.
My boys (2 sons, 2 nephews) ranging from 9-13 were so eager to try out the courses while I was secretly a nervous wreck. The boys were strapped on and given a instructional course on how to navigate the ropes. There is also a practice course for them to educate them on how to lock and unlock the safety rope, which put my mind at ease. After the first few minutes my fears subsided and it was magical to see the boys zip lining through the different courses with ease.
I loved the course options for all skill levels ranging from beginner through advanced. Each course had a few zip lines and different obstacles, which seemed like a lot of fun. I loved watching from the trail below and following along in their journey. They each helped one another and were surrounded by workers and parents at the bottom for encouragement and safety they felt unsure about put us all at ease.. We spent about 3 and half hours from start to finish, and  a water cooler for cold water was provided, which was super helpful after each course. We had a really great day and will be visiting again soon to try and conquer the higher courses.

Not in for a challenge?

There are plenty of seating areas for spectators and those in need of a break below.   For those up for the challenge there are 9 courses to try at 4 different levels of difficulty.  Each are separated by ages, and the need to do with and without adults. Each adult can “spot” up to two children on the courses.  There are 3 courses that ages 7-9 can do without an adult.  Staying with my child was important, this was way outside our normal comfort zone and had been on our bucket list to do.
This course is set back in the wood and in trees compared to open space, which did add an extra comfort that while people were watching.   You weren’t the show while climbing and zipping.  If you needed extra time I didn’t feel that where was rush or pressure.
Are you looking for a great place to host a party?  Kids, tweens, teens and adults can be hosted at Boundless Adventure. Need a date night outside your typically dinner and a movie? Boundless Adventures!  They also ave disco, glow and other adult events that take place when you check out their facebook events and website.
This adventure is great for children ages 7 and up. Prices range from $54 for youth and up. 25 minutes from the Bronx and you can’t beat the Adventure we experienced, thanks Apple Moms.

Disclosure: We have been compensated in the form product/service for free, naturally all opinions are our own.  Thank you for supporting our Trendy Chaos. 

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