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Legoland Movie Days

Be sure to head to LEGOLAND California for the THE LEGO MOVIE Days. Enjoy a LEGO MOVIE dance party with Emmet and friends, a miniland scavenger hunt and the new LEGO MOVIE display.  See an entire room filled with all the different LEGO worlds.  You can check out the Wild West, Outerspace and so much more.  Don’t forget to head to your local theatre to check out THE LEGO MOVIE 2: The Second Part.  Watch Emmet and Lucy battle a…

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Blog Kids Trends

Read on, and Dream on

There are certainly days when I feel like the kids homework is energy wasted on the most random information. I am sure you can agree. However, reading is never time wasted. It is a time to explore without leaving the comforts of your favorite comfiest nook in your home. As I create a reading nook for each child, we will be sharing a few of our favorite books with you. Eventually having the kids share their opinions of the books…

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Blog MOM Life Travel

The Windy City’s Top Wonders!

There is a world outside of New York City. Yes, other cities that illuminate the sky with their hustle and bustle, even daring to rival our beloved pizza. Just over a few great lakes, one city in particular caught our eye with its sparkle. A place painted in blues and grays, it gracefully shifts from a snow globe to a vivacious vortex, never dwindling through its great winds. Outpouring its love for art and architecture, it is an unpredictable funnel…

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Blog D-I-Y MOM Life

Baking it until we make it, for Valentines Day

Where there is a whisk there is a way… Ok truth be told, I didn’t whisk up anything, but I did have quite the experience in the supermarket with the kids. I mean the type of event that you try not to make eye contact with the other shoppers, because clearly they all thought I was out of my mind. I have adopted this new concept of not stressing over every meltdown. Saying that out loud, or typing it sounds…

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