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We love a good DIY and we love it even more when we can share it with you! Don’t just do it yourself, grab a friend, gather the kids and your partner! It’s time to create some homemade crafts, how to’s and fixer upper projects. Keep an eye out for updates on this page for all kinds of weekend activities or holiday specials!

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Corona Virus 19 Daily Schedule

As of Tuesday of last week my children have been on self quarantine by mine and my husbands decision after suffering from bad allergies and both are asthmatic. Naturally, some family members and friends thought my actions were drastic, but honestly, we all have to make the decision to do what is best for our own family. With that in mind, this organized mom was put into action. I stumbled upon a COVID-19 daily schedule on social media and thought…

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A Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Celebration

Most playdates are scheduled activities. Mom looks at the calendar calls another mom and makes a plan. Then there is my daughter who takes matters into her own hands, because at the age of 8 she has the need to be in control when possible. Gia has asked for a playdate for weeks, and our schedules are just crazy. So I was procrastinating. Then I received a text message Wednesday evening, asking what time is our playdate on Saturday? Initially…

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