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American Girl Gift Trunk Giveaway!

We are Celebrating what makes our Gia Amelia shine with the ultimate gift! Gia’s caring nature, artistic talent, and love of music and dance is all included within the American Girl gift trunk we chose. The gift trunk Gia and I customized together at the American Girl Doll Store has arrived and includes everything that makes our girl glow even brighter. Nanea is a doll that Gia has been asking for, but never did she imagine to receive play packs that match her…

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Denim Days are Here!

We all wear denim, but we all wear it differently. It is a staple in everyones wardrobe. As a curvy mama I hated shopping for jeans. So much so I would just order online and try on when no one was home. Naturally I didn’t want my daughter to see my frustration. Thankfully the heavens have opened up and brands are beginning to venture outside the box. Let’s start a celebration to finding the perfect pair of denim no matter…

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ION Boombox Deluxe Revolution

If you grew up in the 80’s, like me you grew up on cassette tapes. They were the easiest way to access the most wanted music. I have many memories of recording music off the radio, making and purchasing mix tapes and winding them up with a pencil when they got caught up. Naturally my teen years consisted of my friends and I gathered around my boombox singing the latest hits. Fast Forward to adulthood, and there is an upgrade…

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Be Proud, Right It Down: DIY Affirmations Jar

Happy International Women’s Day. Here’s to us… To the women who are hungry for more, to the woman who provide for the hunger of others, and to the woman who’s hunger fights for another’s voice. Today is our celebration, but everyday we are still the same powerful and captivating leaders! Did you need that reminder? I will admit, there are days that I do. We forget as women our indestructible patience, our overflowing compassion, and innate wisdom. The list goes…

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Protected Gel Manicures

When I get some time to pamper myself, my top priority is making sure I nail it with a manicure and maniglovz. A simple gel polish makes any look a fashionable flare, but exposure to harsh lighting in manicure dryers, can have long term effects on skin. ManiGlovz is here to keep the process stylish, but most importantly, safe. Easy to wear while drying your nails, their gloves keep skin protected from UV and LED lights with a UV 50+…

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