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WATCH OUT and stand clear of the closing doors please —we are a family on the go! To sum up our lifestyle: we are creatively chaotic from the events we produce, we attend and the ones we create. It’s a daily dance through these different worlds of entertainment, education and engagement that keeps us always ready for more. We welcome you to our schedule of high energy happenings to our warmest quiet moments. Let us lead you down every avenue of our fashion finds, our weekend getaways and most importantly, our laugh out loud moments.     Here’s to living life and living it our way!

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A NEW PROGRAM TO BENEFIT HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS OF CORONAVIRUS VICTIMS AND LIFT SPIRITS OF PUBLIC Donations, Free Instagram Workouts and Discounts Part of Brand’s Giving Back Effort Go Dash Dot, the maker of stylish and functional bags for women, today unveiled a new program designed to benefit healthcare workers fighting against COVID19, as well as a public dealing with socially distanced, at-home stay orders. Called “INSPIRE,” the effort is the brainchild of Go Dash Dot founder Hannah Fastov and includes donations…

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Starting a #TrendyLifeSkills Movement

As parents we are all trying to figure out what activities we can do with our kids while they are home for the next several weeks to only God knows when. With this in mind we are ready to share a challenge. My family and I are encouraging all of our friends and followers to take this opportunity to teach our kids something new to prepare them for life! I’m thinking like Home Ec and Shop class back in the…

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Easy approach to retrieving your children’s assignments in Google Classroom.

As we transition to online learning, several of our friends are struggling. We get it. Google Classroom is new to us as well. With two kids ages 8, and 12 both at different levels, one computer savvy, one who only knows how to visit websites i.e. YouTube, Disney + or ABC mouse. We are fortunate I am comfortable using google so I can help both kids understand. PLEASE NOTE. I AM NOT A GOOGLE EXPERT, PLEASE BE KIND AND DO…

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Corona Virus 19 Daily Schedule

As of Tuesday of last week my children have been on self quarantine by mine and my husbands decision after suffering from bad allergies and both are asthmatic. Naturally, some family members and friends thought my actions were drastic, but honestly, we all have to make the decision to do what is best for our own family. With that in mind, this organized mom was put into action. I stumbled upon a COVID-19 daily schedule on social media and thought…

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