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The Windy City’s Top Wonders!

There is a world outside of New York City. Yes, other cities that illuminate the sky with their hustle and bustle, even daring to rival our beloved pizza. Just over a few great lakes, one city in particular caught our eye with its sparkle. A place painted in blues and grays, it gracefully shifts from a snow globe to a vivacious vortex, never dwindling through its great winds. Outpouring its love for art and architecture, it is an unpredictable funnel…

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Baking it until we make it, for Valentines Day

Where there is a whisk there is a way… Ok truth be told, I didn’t whisk up anything, but I did have quite the experience in the supermarket with the kids. I mean the type of event that you try not to make eye contact with the other shoppers, because clearly they all thought I was out of my mind. I have adopted this new concept of not stressing over every meltdown. Saying that out loud, or typing it sounds…

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Get Your Zen On!

In the center of it all, where do you find your center? My watch chimes throughout the day to remind me to “Breathe”, because honestly, sometimes I forget. At my own pace, slowly but surely, Yoga Vida NYC is bringing me from “Oh?” to “Ohm” when it comes to quieting my mind. Each class style supports healthier, happier lives for any walk of life. From beginners to yogis, Yoga Vida is here to restore and reset your body, soul and…

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Starting my day with purpose ~ Healthy Choice

This is a sponsored post by on behalf of Healthy Choice. Thank you for supporting our Trendy Chaos. Gone are the noisemakers, and all the confetti has been cleaned up, except for those lingering pieces inside your sofa. Where is everyone you ask? At the gym of course. Everyone is all new year, new attitude, new goals, new beginnings, new starts.  A wave of health and wellness is hitting us and it’s hard not to feel the swell. Meanwhile I’m all,…

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Mommy Hacks on the Perfect Snack Attack

Is motherhood survival of the fittest, or are we all just faking it till we make it? Proudly raising my hand, I for one know I am faking it until I make it some days. I think mom life definitely has to come with a few hacks, and when I find good hacks, I share! For starters, lets explain what a mom hack is. A “mommy hack” is a procedure or action that simplifies a task on a mom’s to…

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Thanksgiving Activities and Printables to encourage Grateful hearts

Everyone seems to be ready to rock around the Christmas tree (myself included), while we’re still waiting for the gobble and wobble of Thanksgiving. There’s nothing like this holiday, no anticipation for presents, just the presence of family! Crafted with the intent to turn thankfulness into an activity, bond and play, these DIY printables are a great way to keep the theme of Thanksgiving alive. Whichever you choose to dig into, color wise or to personalize, we think it will…

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