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You’ve heard it before, that NYC is the greatest city in the world—and it is! Streets and skyscrapers booming with noise, talent, passion, and a sense of humor; what more could we ask for? Everything this city has to offer is right in our backyard, a skip and a step is all it takes to explore each borough and the vibrant cultures it has to share. We are the home of self starters, fast walkers, and a delicious slice of pizza! I encourage my kids to keep exploring, especially their own turf that is NYC, because it’s filled with entertainment and education. We definitely get a full serving of all four seasons here, but in the blink of an eye, we continue to watch this sleepless city grow and shine bright!

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Rainbow Window Art Project

We have been hunkered down in quarantine, for so long. With little to no interaction with the outside world, we are seeking rays of hope. As we go out for our daily walks we have witnessed rainbows popping up everywhere. We began our own Rainbow Window Art 🌈 colorings with the Target printable coloring pages. We have a wide window and the coloring pages looked lonely, Gia said we needed to add love. So today I’m sharing a pretty rainbow window art piece…

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Easy approach to retrieving your children’s assignments in Google Classroom.

As we transition to online learning, several of our friends are struggling. We get it. Google Classroom is new to us as well. With two kids ages 8, and 12 both at different levels, one computer savvy, one who only knows how to visit websites i.e. YouTube, Disney + or ABC mouse. We are fortunate I am comfortable using google so I can help both kids understand. PLEASE NOTE. I AM NOT A GOOGLE EXPERT, PLEASE BE KIND AND DO…

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Corona Virus 19 Daily Schedule

As of Tuesday of last week my children have been on self quarantine by mine and my husbands decision after suffering from bad allergies and both are asthmatic. Naturally, some family members and friends thought my actions were drastic, but honestly, we all have to make the decision to do what is best for our own family. With that in mind, this organized mom was put into action. I stumbled upon a COVID-19 daily schedule on social media and thought…

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