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Celebrating New Years Eve with Kids as Seen on News 12

Reminiscing my childhood years, I can remember how boring New Years Eve was for my siblings and I.  I am sure you can relate. It usually entailed the older kids babysitting the younger ones.

Fast Forward to 2019, and we have hourly themed activities, (printable clocks can be found here 6 – 8 pm, 9 pm – 12 am, and can be glued to paper gifts bags).

We’ve checked all the boxes and have a little fun for all kids ringing in the New Year with you! Let’s pop some bubbly in a festive atmosphere and make some memories that are worth re-telling!

6:00 pm Conversation starters.

Nothing brings a group of kids together like shared experiences, so print up and cut out a few conversation starters to break the ice over finger foods. We catered sliders, chicken wings, and macaroni and cheese from the Crosstown Diner, which is affordable and delicious.  With the help of cutesy little decorative cups, and mini plates we make it all appealing for the kids to grab and go.  Fun Tip, throw in a not so typical kid food, like baked clams. Chances are if one kids eat the baked clams another one will, and then another. There you have it, your kid now eats something new! MOM Win.

7:00 pm Decorate sugar cookies, (purchased from Stop n Shop) with pre-made icing and sprinkles, pop rocks, sugar etc Toast the evening with Milk and cookies while reflecting on 2019 via our New Years Interview for the kids,  and the adults.

8:00 pm Make life easy by turning to simple kits, slime, science all available via Five Below, or if you have all girls, set up manicures/pedicures, hair salon. 

9:00 pm Create Vision Boards

By representing our goals with pictures, which the kids can cut out from their favorite magazines, (Game Informer, Highlights etc). Having a vision board strengthens their emotions because our minds respond to visual stimulation. 

They can then take their vision boards home and place them somewhere they will see it daily, prompting them to visualize their ideal life on a daily basis. 

10:00 pm Scavenger Hunt

11:00 pm Pop open your sparkling Grape Juice, get out your noisemakers and strike a pose in front of your photo booth, easily created with Gold or any color tablecloth as a backdrop. 

12:00 am Happy New Year! Everyone wants a kiss a midnight and the littles are no exception.  So go ahead and let them pop their balloons and enjoy a kiss! 

Of course every one leaves a party with a favor! Your choice either each family or each guest leaves with a Mason Jar filled with 52 index cards. The index cards are to capture their most memorable moments or blessings, from each week of 2020. The following New Years Eve together you can reminisce on the many blessings, or moments you are most thankful for.

Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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