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Covid 19 Time Capsule

We live in New York, the epicenter of the Covid 19 pandemic. There is no doubt our children will remember this time. The time they had to separate themselves from their best friends, family, and the time moms everywhere became distance learning teachers. Most importantly the time their family had to self quarantine to keep others safe.

As parents we are all doing our best to maintain routines during this time of uncertainty yet despite it all our children are each feeling their own kind of way. Each child will have a different experience during the Covid 19 pandemic and each child will remember it differently. Inspired by other time capsules we have used I created a keepsake time capsule to share with you.

Instructions to download:

  • Hover over the image above
  • right click your mouse
  • click download linked file
  • You can then open the file named Trendy Chaos Time Capsule on your computer and print.

Our Covid 19 time capsule includes 15 pages, and each contain a space for your child to color, draw and answer a few questions about the Covid 19 pandemic in their own words, as well as a parent and grandparent interviews.

Thank you for downloading our Covid 19 Time Capsule. We are all in this together, and as a family we are doing our part in social distancing, and praying for all.

Please comment below your thoughts on our CoVid 19 Time capsule. Is there anything we should add?

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