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DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments

Downtime for our family usually involves crafting especially during Christmas time. Last night with a little less than an hour to spare and an explosion of Christmas decor encompassing our living space we decided lets create ornaments! I mean why not? Listed below are the items needed to create these DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments.

What is needed to make our DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments:

Shop the items listed here:
plastic ornaments
faux Snow
glue gun
fake pine branch
fake berry branch
fake mni pinecones
Christmas ribbon
Long tweezers if you have OCD like me.

Start with choosing a Christmasy themed word. (Hidden mom win, getting my daughter to play with the wooden letters and spell words!) Once you have chosen your word use a low heat glue gun to glue the letters together. If you are doing this craft with little ones, this is your job to glue the letters.

Told you a Christmas Explosion!

Now is when the kids got to play with the variety of Christmas themed scraps in our basket for crafting. The kids chose ribbons, greenery, gingerbread men, berries, mini pinecones etc. Some they glued others not so much. At this point I actually put away the iPhone and stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed the moment. Pictures below are me recreating an ornament for this post.

Once all the glue is dry place your items into your empty ornament. Now is when we have fun! It’s time to add in the snow. We kept it simple and just used our hands to get the fake snow into the ornament. You can also use a funnel. You can also use long tweezers to adjust the contents of the ornaments once inside.

Hope you and your family, (Or class) enjoy creating these fun DIY Classic Christmas Ornaments.

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