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DIY Erasable Message Board

I have a strong love for creating and celebrating special days with a handmade gift. This DIY Erasable Message Board is both budget friendly and a great personal gifting idea. Telling someone you love them is always great to hear, but sharing regularly why you love them is even sweeter. Perfect as a gift for a significant other or parent.

This is a great last minute gift. And you can print the image above, color it in, place it in a new picture frame or repurpose one you have at home.

Materials needed to make an erasable message board:

  1. Card stock or plain printer paper
  2. Printer
  3. Picture Frame
  4. dry erase marker
  5. coloring pencils or crayons to personalize


  1. On the card-stock you’ve chosen, print the phrase above.
  2. Place in a frame.
  3. Include a dry erase marker in your gift so you or whomever can write in their own reasons why they love each other.

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