DIY Halloween Wreath

We visited Michaels a few weeks ago, and I was in awe of all the great Halloween decor.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to be hands on. I am sure you see where this is going.  Yep. I bought a bunch of supplies, and decided it would be a weekend project to create a Halloween wreath.  Of course the first project was to locate the glue gun. For a organized home, we sometimes live in chaos.  

I purchased all of the items above at Michaels on a special coupon weekend.  It provided hours of family entertainment and worth every dollar spent.  Not only did we create our own Halloween decor, but memories as well.

Initially I thought using the entire flower would look best.  However, once I attempted it, I realized the flowers really stuck out too much and I wasn’t loving the look. So instead I decided to pull the flower petals apart and use the flowers in bunches instead.  After pulling apart the flowers, I began to glue, I am not one for staging flowers.  I think when creating my own project for our own use that is I get more creative when I don’t stage.  Now if this was an order I for sure would have staged and prepped.  By the time I got to the pumpkins, I realized I was running out of flowers! More on that in a minute.  I glued thin sticks into the styrofoam pumpkins to connect them to each other and the wreath itself. I knew gluing the pumpkins would take up some space so I did this before filling this section with flowers. Still not enough flowers on hand. This is where the orange and black boa came in.  I knew I was holding it aside for a reason. I literally cut it into pieces, dabbed a piece with hot glue and added it to any spaces within the wreath.

I think the orange from the boa gives the wreath a pop of color, the husband doesn’t agree. He is not a fan. What do you think?  What DIY project are you creating for Halloween?

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