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DIY Mason Jar Graduation Gift

Mason Jars are the craze for some time now, and I am right there with the rest of the world. Mason Jar obsessed! I am also a fan of gifting that serves an additional purpose, so we created a Mason Jar Graduation Gift.

We all know that grads love a money gift, so we put together a mason jar filled with money! We got creative with our graduation gift giving this year and made this easy graduation cap mason jar filled with money diplomas.

What you will need:

  • 1 mason jar (size of your choice)with lid and ring
  • graduation cap
  • money
  • ribbon
  • tissue paper

Simply done, roll the money, use rubber bands or thin ribbon to tie and toss it in the jar. We also added in foil paper to give the jar some color. Close the lid attach the graduation cap with a glue gun. Wrap a ribbon around the jar or apply a decal. We went with a Class of 2019 decal we purchased at Target. Voila! You have a great looking gift, filled with money.

You can find additional DIY graduation gifts here.

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