DIY Peppa Pig Painting Party

Our daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig and painting so we combined the two to have one special birthday party to celebrate her turning 4 with a Peppa Pig Painting Party!

We will be adding each element of the party so be sure to check back here for additional party details, FREE Printables, and other ideas for a fun easy, budget friendly Peppa Pig Party!

We wanted to incorporate Peppa Pig into the painting on each canvas and rather than wait for the kids to get here and request a different Peppa scene of sorts we figured it to be easier to use a stencil and make an outline of the SAME EXACT Peppa Pig on every canvas.  Mom you know how that goes, we could not afford any tantrums!

We visited the Nick Jr. Site, and printed a coloring sheet. My husband then traced the outline with a marker he then drew lines every two inches.  Next he cut along the outline, around the lines he made with an exacto knife, to ensure the outline stayed connected and didn’t break apart.  I hope I explained that correctly..

Peppa Pig School Yard Style

Peppa Pig School Yard Style

peppa pig party school yard style

The birthday girl and her Godmother

Peppa Pig Party School Yard Style

Gia’s Best friend and younger cousin Maya


peppa pig painting party

Awesome cousin, big brother, and friend!

peppa pig painting party 2

IMG_0927This of course was made by daddy 🙂

Be sure to take a look at our FREE Peppa Pig Party Printables HERE 


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    Pamela D'Ambrosia
    at 2:50 pm

    So cute, I love Peppa Pig as well. This makes me wish there were some little girls in my family. 🙂
    I am glad your daughter had a lovely birthday.

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