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Easy Dessert Platter with Tribe Hummus

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Healthier choices is one of our family resolutions for 2020. This doesn’t  mean we are set on giving up desserts. How would we survive? We are just making healthier choices like Tribe hummus dessert.

A big chocolate fan I was so eager to try the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus, and so excited to receive a sample of the Tribe dessert hummus flavors. 

The dark chocolate is definitely a fan favorite in our house, as well as a mom win. The Tribe dessert hummus line also includes Sea Salt Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Cake Batter and Pea-No Nut Butter (which is a great option for friends who are allergic).  As an alternative for my family who is seeking healthier alternatives, each Tribe Dessert Hummus flavor each has only 5 grams of sugar per serving, contains no artificial preservatives, and are free from all major allergens including dairy, Non-GMO project verified, vegan, gluten free. 

With the big day of Love upon us, we are sharing our love for each other in a very sweet way, with less sugar. There is just no way I could finish all the samples of Tribe dessert hummus on my own… (actually I could but I am a good sharer) so I decided to create a dessert platter, as well as bake up  a batch of cookies! 

Tribe Desert Hummus platter

I started creating our Tribe Desert Hummus platter as something for the moms to share at my daughter impromptu Valentine’s Day celebration, however the kids say the Tribe Hummus Chocolate Thumbprint cookies I baked up using a recipe I found on their website and was eager to dig in. Thankfully the cookies were quick and easy to bake, that I baked a second batch. Why not when they are oh so yummy without the guilt. 

I then began by cutting up fruits, and placing each in small sections on a wood board an obsession from my farmhouse decor. I then added in brownies, cookies, and pita chips. Then I added the Tribe Dessert Hummus to small bowls and placed them within the platter. I then placed what was left of the freshly baked Tribe Hummus Chocolate Thumbprint cookies on to the board as well. Don’t judge us, the cookies are really good and made with the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus.

Naturally my children and I gravitated to the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus for dipping first.  They eventually tried each dessert hummus and made a variety of pairings. In the end the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus was voted their favorite, and by popular request has been added to our weekly shopping list.  

Have you tried the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus, or any of the Tribe dessert Hummus? If so comment down below which is your favorite. If you have yet to try them what are you waiting for?!  Create your own Tribe dessert platter for Valentine’s Day or your next get together.

Go for the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus you will not be disappointed. 

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