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Family Resolutions for Healthier and Happier Living

Everyone is jumping on board the resolutions highway to freedom. A new year, a new decade doesn’t have to be a new you. New Year’s Resolutions all about you were easy to maintain when it was just you. However at this time in our lives they are easily given up on, because our world mostly focuses on taking care of others. 

This year we decided on resolutions as a family to increase our chances of actually sticking with them past January. Together we are ready to refresh and kick start our way of doing things in a new decade.  Our lives have become so busy living in the busy lane, we have forgotten to stop and recognize if we are moving in the right direction, and whether we’re taking the right steps to reach our destination.

We evaluated and are taking stock in ourselves and recognizing what is necessary to improve our mindset for 2020.  

January is the ideal time to discuss realistic obtainable resolutions with our family. We have had some growing pains in 2019. Moving into tweendom, giving up some extra curricular activities (due to overwhelming schedules), and letting go of individuals who were no longer a good fit for our end goal, and the impact they have had on our lives as a family. 

Creating resolutions together also holds each of us accountable. Which gives us an opportunity to support each other in case things start to drift off course. 

Here are our family’s top resolutions for 2020. 

Healthier Choices

As a mom I am always on the go, there are some days I have my head stuck in my computer that I actually forget to eat. Then school pickup rolls around and I am ravenous. By committing to plan and eat healthy meals as a family I can replace my horrible diet of an obscene amount of caffeine intake with well thought out meals. Our goal is to create healthy eating habits which will positively shape our relationship with food. Use our Meal Planner to assist in planning healthier meals, and if you are really courageous you can try juicing. We have found juicing kale, carrots, beets and apples to be a lot easier to go down. Sitting at the table for 30 minutes using a motivational voice to get the kids to eat their veggies has since become so last year. Now we all take a shot of juice we made ourselves and move on. I’m sure the kids still need more veggies in their lives but its a start, and one that doesn’t come with a fight. #MomWin 

We have also invited the kids into the kitchen, and they are excited to help us shop for, and prep meals along side us. They have also come up with a few choices on their own which has made our meals more interesting and adventurous. 


Self care is always a great investment, one that you will inevitably see the returns on. A new Year is the ideal time to begin a new exercise routine. Getting into the gym can be difficult but I am committing ourselves to do it. We have to lead by example, if the kids see us making exercise, and our health a priority they will learn to do the same.

If you can’t make it to the gym, plan family activities that will get everyone moving, go for a daily walk, or a bike ride with the kids and allow them to see the world and get to know their neighborhood. Or shoot some hoops, or have a dance party.  Just get moving together!

Self care should also include what sparks joy in your life. For me it is DIY projects and I will be sharing them, which include Cricut projects, in our DIY section. Be sure to check them out!


Being present in our lives is a priority I can not stress enough. Looking back I can think of several missed opportunities with my nanny (maternal grandmother) because of our new age of technology. 

Our devices have become our lives, mine especially as I conveniently work from home and am very connected to our wifi signal at all times.  We all have our addictions, for me it is obviously social media, emails and basically all things work related. For the kids it’s youtube, tiktok and Fortnite, Minecraft and Overwatch and my husband it is Geek.

Last year we noticed our online presence was increasing at a rapid rate and began setting boundaries, no video games during the week and no devices during any meals and have added in a game night to our weekly schedule. This has allowed us to focus more on conversations about each others day and staying in the know. It has also given my children the opportunity to focus on their homework without the pressure of rushing to be on a video game with their friends. As a result we have felt more connected, and so we are continuing with unplugging even more this year.  Our goal this year is to let the kids enjoy the scenery (or in Gia’s case nap) as we road trip, or just out and about and see where the conversation takes us.  

Giving Back

Our children are growing up in an influencer world and such their amount of items they collect grow at a rapid rate. Their appreciation for all they have is obvious by how well they take care of their belongings, however it can sometimes be a bit much. Which is why my son is always eager to create a Second Chance Toy Drive. This allows both of our children the opportunity to organize what they have, and evaluate what they want to keep. They then clean up the items they choose to giveaway and ask their classmates to participate in the same. It is important for them to not only purge but also to assist those in need, and by giving their friends the opportunity as well it forms a bond between them all.

Slowing down to process and live in the present is what I am hoping for us in 2020. Praying our family goals will encourage my family as well as yours to focus more on creating a happier and healthier life for us all. Leave your comments down below and let us know what are your goals for 2020.

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