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My Fearless Dreamers are ready for take off

A day of bickering. Which can happen after spending hours in the car together, I was ready to literally send my two littles to Mars! Thankfully Fearless Dreamer allowed this to happen without a flight along a NASA spaceship.

Just as I shouted bed time! These two joined forces and planned to explore outer space.  I am always one to encourage their imaginations, and think outside of the box, and they knew it would definitely erase the memories of the drive home for me.

Fearless Dreamer is a premium sleepwear line that empowers children.  Making them space explorers that travel the unknown, superheroes that save the day, scientists that find the cure, and baseball players that win the big game.  As adults we can often under estimate the value of imaginative play. Overlooking the fact that it is a way a child engages and makes sense of the world.  Imaginative play is essential for children of all ages.

The ability to act out various experiences they may have had or would love to is beneficial for their development. It builds a child’s confidence, creativity and communication.

Last night was fun for all of us, especially my kids (ages 10 and 6), so much so that I actually let them stay up past their bedtime. They enjoyed getting into character and acting out real life roles. Roles they have both envisioned themselves in, and were able to read about in Fearless Dreamers go to Mars. Each set of pajamas are paired with a book that tells about an adventure of saving the day, finding a cure and visiting Mars. One secret handshake, re-enacting moments they read in the book, lots of laughter and within minutes it was sibling bliss.

Fearless Dreamer is a sleepwear line I will be gifting especially to all the girls, so if you are family or a friend be on the lookout. Partly because they have managed to turn a simple activity as putting on pajamas into a creative moment for little ones, including siblings.

For the girl who is fearless and dreams of themselves in many roles, these pj’s are for you! Fearless Dreamer allows girls to dream to be something they can actually achieve to be.  Although princess dresses are cute, they are not the reality.

Fearless Dreamer pajamas are also 100% super soft organic cotton sleepwear.  As parents themselves (the creators) they are well aware how important our child’s comfort is, so they have created pajamas that are meant to feel good first and foremost. With super smooth seaming which surrounds kids in a extra-comfy first layer of softness.

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Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form product/service for free, all opinions are our own. 

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