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Yay! You found us! You are probably here because you are just as involved in the Christmas tradition called Elf on the Shelf as we are.

What started as a dream for Chanda Bell has now become a Christmas tradition in our family. Along with our elves, Rapunzel and Kevin comes the new magical pet The Artic Fox. Have you watched the inspirational film Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale? We have an enjoyed the inspiring messages of hope and we are certain you will as well.

It is time to start Elfing around, and we have just the printable to get you started!

Download here

Download Welcome Back Here

Like most parents we are also scouring hashtags to find instagram worthy shenanigans for our Elf at the wee hours of the morning.

With elves flying home to the North Pole every night during this time to report to Santa, whether your kids have been Naughty or Nice we have an elf report card ready to print below to keep your little ones on track.

Download the Naughty and Nice Elf Report Here

Why not include your ElfCapades into more of your holiday Festivities? We have created Cupcake toppers for your use below.

Download Cupcake Toppers Here

Download Elfagram Here Print on card stock and cut out the inside of the square. Use to take pictures of your elf to leave for the kids to find the next morning.

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