Maintaining friendships one show at a time with #FiOSNY

When we were kids everyone was our friend.  Remember those days when you met the kid next door, or in your class who had the same haircut, shoes, or anything you had.  You instantly connected.  Within minutes you had a new BFF.

Then you grew up and despite all efforts, we tend to move in separate directions based on life choices, and our current stage of life.  Well when you become a parent, and you need your friends more than ever.  To maintain sanity, and because truthfully it takes a village.

My village is very small, and I am so happy to say I can count on each member completely.  As they can on me as well.  Whether we are helping out with after school pick up, meals, or just a workout buddy.  One thing is true for each of us, our time revolves around the families we love dearly and we are grateful for the extra help each provides.

Of course as moms and friends we also need to live a little and have an out of motherhood.  No that actually is not a bad thing, so get over it NOW.  Those nights… we live on the edge, ready for it?  We put the kids to bed early and are on a group chat, discussing the shows we are watching on Verizon Fios.  

This Fall season we are in a upheaval about How to get away with Murder?!  Who is it that was murdered?  We currently have a  pool going, and it’s growing every week!  One of us is certainly going to win a fabulous well-deserved spa day that is for sure!

Quantico and Designated Survivor also have our feathers all ruffled.  I mean, with all that is going on in the world it is sadly so relatable, and we just want to know good outweighs evil in the end.  Throw in the love triangles and drama and it is allowing us moms to live on the edge.

It is essential that we as women bring our village along during the most challenging times of our lives.  Right now thankfully my village is secure, however these shows are keeping the communication open. Allowing us the time to chat at least 3-4 times a week as we did when we were younger, about nothing and everything.

Although our priorities in life have shifted, the strength of our friendships are maintaining their balance, and go well beyond what our littles ones have done today, or the mess the husband has left in the kitchen! HA!

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Ambassador and this is a sponsored post, as always all opinions expressed are my very own.  Thank you for supporting School Yard Style 

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