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Get Your Zen On!

In the center of it all, where do you find your center? My watch chimes throughout the day to remind me to “Breathe”, because honestly, sometimes I forget. At my own pace, slowly but surely, Yoga Vida NYC is bringing me from “Oh?” to “Ohm” when it comes to quieting my mind. Each class style supports healthier, happier lives for any walk of life. From beginners to yogis, Yoga Vida is here to restore and reset your body, soul and mind with techniques as simple as posture development. Join a “Flow (Candlelit)” session if you feel good in an atmospheric glow, or let the kids take on class to find some play in namaste. I know that with this journey of finding my center, my days of chaos will silenced, because my mind will already know to breathe.  

Whatever I wear, I wear it with a purpose. It’s important that these curves always get served the right style and fit to show what I’ve got because I am PROUD of it! T by Talbots active line celebrates this mantra with me. Each item is made to awaken and highlight the wonder you are as a woman. This body of mine is a temple, and Talbots reminds me to encourage it, honor it, and most importantly, empower it! I was ready to get all geared up to achieve my best self, it feels good to be a part of a community that loves each and every body.

Images by Marcia Ciriello

Thank you Momtrends, Yoga Vida, and Talbots for a day of Namaste.

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