High-Low Fashion for running errands

I have become one of those saavy shoppers who fell in love with the stylist secret of mixing high-end designer items with lower priced pieces.  Of course when it comes to my little ones, who grow so quickly high end can sometimes be Gap Kids, Zara, or Ruum Kids Wear. With merchandise from chain stores like Target, focusing on their quality, and styles how can I pass it up.  When it comes to accessories that can withstand time, we turn to Marc or Gucci.

With lots to do today I knew comfy clothes had to be in Gia’s future.  First up was a annual check up, followed by a trip to the post office to send out packages we have been tripping over for weeks!  No literally for weeks.  Moving on, next up was a lunch date with an old friend, school pick up, an after school workshop and a trip to the grocery store somewhere squeezed in to all that.

Clearly jeans wouldn’t do for Gia today.  She needed the freedom to move… run… play… and hopefully nap either in my arms or her car seat.  With all this in mind I reached for her Circo denim jeggings, with 4% spandex, they have the right amount of stretch to ensure comfort but not lose their structure.  A denim button up from Ruum kids wear, under a Gap Kids sweater, we had forgotten about in the back of her closet.  The layering of both kept her warm enough to keep the chill of this day at bay.  The hat was an add in from her brothers closet which she picked, and the Gucci bag has a story of its own!

hi low1

hilow2 hilow3Are you a savvy shopper? Do you mix High and Low designers together to complete your look?

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    at 7:27 pm

    I love target leggings and jeggings for my little girl! Wish they had them in my size.

  • Reply
    Nancy (@spiffykerms)
    at 8:33 pm

    Omg your daughter is seriously killing it with such awesome style! I’m envious of how she dresses, lol. What a little darling. I love how she’s posing for the camera, she knows how to work it hey? Haha!

    • Reply
      at 8:09 am

      Thank you Nancy, yes she loves the camera LOL

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