Home Sweet Homeopathic Alternatives with Boiron USA for this Flu Season

It is like the sounding of an alarm. Subtle under the breath or loud like a roar; it is a cough coming from your little thumbsucker. A mother’s instinct knows when flu season is approaching, however the sound of cough only solidifies it and it becomes game time (for both fighting colds and holiday shopping).

Sometimes we turn to a remedy passed down by family, hoping for a divine cure in seconds because we cannot miss another sports practice. Sometimes we go to the doctor’s for a prescription and the whines emerge against the taste of the infamous spoon with pink liquid.
At home, our battle with the flu season starts and ends with the help of Boiron USA. Leading the industry of homeopathy, their family friendly mission is to give you ultimate symptom relief for all stages. The mission beginning with ingredients that are in the clear from the FDA Unapproved for children of the ages 4 and under. The sight of a messy runny nose can be brought to a standstill with Boiron’s seasonal favorite Oscillicoccnium, best for those first few signs of flu-like symptoms.

Even for those days of sneezes and headaches their ColdCalm Liquid Doses are perfect for any cold symptom combinations, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness for 6 months and up. Having no risk of overdose or reaction to other medicines, herbs, or supplements, your daily plans will be your normal late rush, as consumption will not cause sleepiness or drowsiness. Forget the days of “icky” pink liquids, Boiron’s Children’s Chestal Syrup Cold & Cough Syrup can be taken with ease from it’s honey flavor and powerful proprieties to alleviate any cough.

So let the air pinch with a chill, and let the flu season roll on in. As moms, we are always the ones who have everyone around us covered (through scatterbrain and all), but it’s nice to have some backup like Boiron to keep these upcoming holidays happy and healthy.

What Boiron products do you use for yourself, or your children? Share your thoughts with us.

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