I am Guilty… and I am sure you are as well!

When my children were born I reveled in their tiny little lips, hands, feet, and that oh so sweet scent only newborns possess.  My thoughts and feelings were full of happiness, and excitement of what the future was to hold for them as well as us as a family.

What felt like a flash of an eye, is now nearly nine years later, and the thought of college is just beginning to come into play.  What have I been thinking?  Why have I not begun to plan for college?


Having been invited to a day aboard the Intrepid Museum for fun and learning with the Momtrends team, I was forced to face reality.  My children are growing up FAST (insert tears), and it is inevitable that we will have to prepare for their future.   While the kids were off having fun learning all about the Intrepid the parents as well were being educated about what a 529 college savings plan is.

Luckily for you because I know some of you are just as guilty as me for not having begun preparing a college savings plan, I have all the details below! Keep Scrolling!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.27.14 AM

Download this informational 529 College Saving Plan Sheet 

For years one of the ways I have been saving for my kids has been via their own personal bank accounts, and birthday gifts have been a great bonus.  However did you know personal savings accounts, can be held against our kids when they apply for Financial Aid? (Watch the video above for more details).

Now with creating a 529 college savings plan for both my kids I am eager to send out this years Evite with a special U-Gift code for family and friends to contribute directly. With all the toy reviews we host, and are grateful for, the last thing I, oops I meant they need is an additional toy for ME to clean up!

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College savings planner (tool):

529 state tax deduction calculator:


*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.

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    Nicole Feliciano
    at 12:57 pm

    Saving up for your child college fund is nerve wracking. I love that there is a program available that helps you create a college fund. It’s also awesome that you as the beneficiary can also use the fund to pay for your own college education as well.

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