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June Dress Down Day

June Dress Down Day is here, and I was prepared to be met with the usual distaste for anything I would pick out.  Luckily enough Gia herself picked out a  jumper so we sailed through the morning without a tantrum over fashion choices. She may only be 5 however she sure does have an eye for fashion and knows what she likes.

Jumpers for me are an easy one and done outfit!  I love fashionable easy pieces.  The back on this particular jumper is more exposed than I would like so we layered in a tank underneath.  Also it is still a little chilly in the morning, so Gia was all to happy to add on on her new All Saints leather that was gifted from her bestie which completed her dress down day look!

 Jumper: Target // Necklace: Local Store // Shoes: Target // Jacket: All Saints Kids // Backpack: State Bags

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    Love everything about this outfit!

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