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A quick visit to the Atlantis

My family and I have just returned from a 5 day stay at the Atlantis, a trip I reccomend to anyone with children.  This is our third trip within the past year, and with each visit we fall in love with the property and staff that much more.

This visit Joseph was old enough to participate in the Atlantis Kids Adventure, although we were leary at first we decided to go on a tour of the premises.  My sis would be proud, I remembered my checklist of questions when I was interviewing for a daycare and put them to use here as well.  I was pleased the tours were scheduled and took place when there wasn’t any children participating in activities.  Joseph was immediately intrigued by the themed rooms and the care givers friendly personality.  We no sooner left he wanted to know when he could return and play with his “new friends”.  Still a bit nervous I let him go to school as he called it, for a couple of hours, while my husband and I made new friends of our own at the roulette table…………….

At a first glance, you may be under the assumption the Atlantis is out of your price range, however check with your travel agent they are always running a deal.  My advice is to get the meal plan, and use your room key for EVERYTHING!!

We opt for the casual dining plan with an unpredictable 3 year old this is the best option for us, it cost $75 a day and well worth it.  The meal plan covers both breakfast, and dinner and I promise their will be left overs.  Our personal favorite for breakfast is the Marketplace in the Royal Towers.  Everyone in the Marketplace is over the top friendly, the servers remember my family by name, and one actually takes Joseph outside to see the fishes once he has finished his breakfast.

If you are buying a pack of gum or an excursion at Dolphin Cay use your room key!  My husband and I use our room key for every purchase as well as in the slot machines, and roulette tables, this allows the Atlantis to track your spending.  Do this and I can almost guarantee, you will receive a complimentary offer within six months for a 3 night stay.atlantis

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