My kids have green thumbs, and they didn’t get them from me..

My thumb is by no means green, I am sure I hold the record for killing the most plants in the shortest amount of time.  However my little ones love to garden with daddy, the more dirt the happier they are.  I stand clear, the most I do is push the cart, carry supplies if need be, capture the moments, and eat the Fruits of their labor!

Gia decided we needed yet another Home Depot run for strawberry plants to add to her garden.  Since we have given up the electronics, the little ones have been busy doing all kinds of activities, and gardening is one that we can all benefit from.


Hi life is too serious as he searches for Eggplant!


Doesn’t everyone rough house on top of the Miracle Gro?


Will pose anywhere!


Sadly this grabber thingy was not available for purchase. Imagine the fun I would have if it was! HA!




Do you garden?  It’s a great activity to do with the little ones, even if your just supervising like me.

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