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Lazy Bonezz on the Rooftop

Lazy Bonezz, a retailer of Luxury Pet Products, hosted a perfect event in New York City.  It was a beautiful rooftop party, with food for the people and treats for the four-legged guests. The products were every stylish pet owners dream.  From faux croc dog beds to spiked collars.   If you can imagine a dog bed that would go perfectly with your decorations, you can find it at Lazy Bonezz.

As a dog owner, I know the struggle of finding a dog bed that I love and that my dogs will want to sleep in.  Currently, we carry one dog bed up and down our stairs because I have yet to find another one that matches the décor in our house.  I will now be counting down the days for these dog beds to launch.  They are to die for.  Head over to Lazy Bonezz and sign up to be in the know on all of their products.


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