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Learning with Learnivore

As a toddler JD loved to tap on anything possible, always creating a beat or assisting his Nanny (great Grandma) into a full blown migraine!  Shortly after this began, my husband shared with me that his great grandfather was a musician and encouraged me to enroll JD in music classes.

With full time work schedules for both mom and dad I just wasn’t sure where we could have possibly squeezed in lessons.  Therefore we purchased his first set of drums, and let him create his own beat.

His love of the drums continued, and with each year the drum set got bigger.  The beats as well got louder.  Eventually he picked up a guitar, and began to play along with singing us songs.  Still I believed in my mind he was too young to learn… until now.

Learnivore a social network that connects people to instructors, classes and others who share interests, in a variety of fields, is launching this week in New York City.  Through Learnivore’s lesson request system, we have set up lessons with one of their educators for JD to learn how to play the guitar, and we look forward to sharing our experience with you in the coming weeks.

The guiding principal behind Learnivore is that we all have many interests, and Learnivore allows us to connect with each other based on our shared interests in hopes we will create more meaningful relationships and connections.  Through Learnivore we have the ability to follow a person for only those interests we care about, and leave the rest behind, allowing us to create a space where we can all feel encouraged to share our own expertise and experiences.

As for drum lessons, JD has requested a new set of drums for his birthday this summer, and if he receives them (wink) we will then set up drum lessons as well via Learnivore.

Learnivore will be launching, #LearnivoreLocal on May 25th in the NYC area and they are going to be supporting some wonderful, local non-profit organizations by asking people to share pictures on Facebook. Be sure to follow Learnivore on social media for more information.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, we were compensated by Learnivore, naturally all opinions expressed are our own. 

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