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We can always try to speak with truth, but we should always speak with acceptance. When a loved one needs someone to lean on, help serves best when it is offered with comfort. Founded in health & wellness solutions, Confirm BioSciences seeks to keep the comfort of your home a priority when confronting a challenge like substance abuse.

Up until the teenage years we have had the ability to make all the choices for our children, however as they enter into young adulthood they will begin to make new friends, be exposed to new environments, and have new experiences. As a result, they will be faced with many difficult decisions. Which is why we have opened up the dialogue regarding alcohol and drugs.

One of the difficult decisions our teens will make will be whether or not to attend social gatherings where they could be faced with students abusing drugs and alcohol. With this in mind, we as a family have created a phrase for them to use when they feel they are in a situation and need our assistance to get out of. It is sad, but 86% of teenagers know someone who drinks, smokes, or does drugs during the school day and is far too common amongst high schoolers. 

Between 1997 and 2012, more than 13,000 children aged 1-19 were hospitalized for opioid poisoning. We hear and know the risks and consequences of substance abuse, but how do we open up to communication when the conflict comes right to our doorstep?

HairConfirm is a self testing prevention tool that offers a performance of ease, accuracy, and confidentiality. Programmed through tamper proof technology to detect a spectrum of illicit substances, easy to read results are provided by CLIA accredited labs and delivered through a protected online portal. It takes just one parental figure to open up the dialogue on the risks of substance abuse, especially with our teenagers. Together, with Confirm BioSciences, it is time we support, take action, and seek results.

Join the conversation at Confirm BioScience’s HairConfirm for more on high-quality diagnostic testing and health & wellness solutions. Follow them on social media through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube.

MSRP: $19.99 plus $59 at-home activation lab fee for a 10-panel illicit drug detection; $89 for a 14-panel including opioids

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