Life’s messes made simple.

The reality of LIFE is we are a family of 4, and although our house is always clean, it can get quite messy.  As a matter of a fact just before this post I spent 20 minutes sorting laundry, somedays I feel like we are doing the neighbors laundry too. It really is that many loads. While sorting I said goodbye to about 4 bath towels.  When I blinked yesterday, because let’s be honest these kids are so quick. In the blink of an eye they can take the house down.  Anyway while I blinked yesterday Gia somehow got into dye.  She found a tie-dye project we were going to do together and decided to make it a solo act. Sorry I did not capture this joyous occasion with my iPhone, (insert side eye).

Two purple feet, one purple deck, and four purple towels later, everything is cleaned up!  Clearly all of the above didn’t happen in a blink.  Most of it happened after I thought she was in the bathroom longer than usual. I mean I have to give her some privacy.  However, as I knocked to check on her I heard the panic in her voice. This must have led to the destruction of my towels.  As the Dye spilled, (she stepped in it) and grabbed the bath towels, couldn’t it have been the inexpensive hand towels? I mean come on!  Ok back to the story… After I realized what was going on she ran out onto the deck to get her brother and enlist his help.  Hence the purple feet tracks all over the deck.

Happy to report no one is playing Barney’s twin today and all is well in our world.

With the chaos of our lives and all this laundry being done, we try to simplify things anyway we can. Although my bath towels are a wash, Life detergent sheets are making laundry that much simpler for me.  I literally just toss the fully dissolving detergent sheet into the wash and go on with my life.


  • Fight stains and brighten up your laundry with Life detergent sheets!
  • Life detergent sheets quickly dissolves in any temperature and can be used in any type of washing machine!
  • Life detergent sheets are biodegradable with nature plant formula, so feel guilt-free when using Life detergent sheets!

For more on Life Detergent visit their website: 

Life detergent is available on Amazon, talk about life made simple!

Disclosure: We were provided with a sample of the product, as always all opinions are our own.  Affiliate links are within this post. 

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