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May the 4th be with you: How to have an epic Star Wars Party!

May the Fourth be with you! Today is Star Wars Day, the international day of celebration (fan-created of course, but Disney roles with it. Who wouldn’t want to partake in a day of all things Jedi.

There we were in Home Goods shopping when my daughter got a glimpse of a Star Wars storm trooper pillow and her First Holy Communion Party theme went from angelic to Star Wars. A huge Star Wars fan myself, yet it took my breath away and gave me pause. Could we do this? Could we celebrate a First Holy Communion with a Star Wars Theme? I agreed instantly as she pleaded with me, and secretly hoped like other things this too shall pass.

Then I began thinking about it, and how fun the theme would be. More importantly it is her day, and she has always been able to pick out the theme before. So be it! Star Wars it was. However, at this point the invitations already went out, so the guests would be as surprised as I was.

Find Your Table

Naturally we veered away from anything typical and traditional, how can we not with a Star Wars theme! I found this cute editable Star Wars seating chart on Etsy, you can purchase it here. It was simple enough to edit, save the file and bring to my local printer. We had the chart printed on a 16 x 20 poster board which was inexpensive.

Centerpieces and LightSabers

I enjoy creating my own centerpieces so I purchased long vases which were reasonably priced online at a wedding site. Then I took a part these flowers vines I found at the dollar store. Next I hot glued them to the vase and placed a flat bead in the center to give it a little bling. I also added ribbon and a Star Wars Lego character. Upon arriving at the venue we added sand and a Lightsaber in the middle. We turned all lightsabers on before our daughter arrived.

Also at each table setting was a LED Light Up Baton. We created a sign and had the deejay announce and ask everyone to please grab their baton and light it up before Gia entered the room.

The sign was created from a plain blackboard sign we purchased, find similar here. Then we added black galaxy ribbon to the top and hot glued Lego Star Wars characters. We also hot glued bling ribbon around the border. Then I used my Cricut Maker and vinyl to create the saying.

Side Note: The boys in the party will and did use the batons as weapons and chased each other around. With that being said I wouldn’t change a thing. No one was injured and they had the best day and that is what truly matters.


Rather than a guest check in, because we have pictures to show who attended. We ordered this millennium falcon and asked guests to write one word that describes Gia on a droid and drop it into the millennium falcon. It was interesting to see how well our guests new our feisty creative little. One year later it is still displayed in her bedroom.

Party Favors

Staying true to theme we went with a Star Wars galaxy music box. Keep cranking the handle to play the Star Wars Theme Tune, no batteries necessary, and it is a handmade decorative keepsakes. With so many family members, attendees also being Star Wars fans we knew it was the perfect keepsake for them to take away to remember Gia’s special day.

We wrapped each gift box with silver wrapping paper and the same galaxy ribbon we used on the chalkboard signs. We then applied a personalized Rey character as a thank you.

A Table set for a Jedi

Flowers purchased here

I knew I wanted to have Gia carry a lightsaber as her floral arrangement, so I purchased one of sale at party city and then deconstructed the saber part. I then hot glued the stem of the floral arrangement into the lightsaber handle. I also wrapped bling ribbon around the handle of the lightsaber. The flowers box was a gift from Venus de Fleur and gave our table a nice op Silver as well as scent. I also layered in a quote for Gia. I also blended the light and dark side logo and placed it on the chalkboard as well.

“Every one of us is in the cosmic perspective precious…

You will not find another Gia.”

Stepping into her day

Gia has a special kind of love for a basic pair Chuck Taylor Converse. She likes the plain white ones because she can use her Cricut Joy to decorate them as she sees fit. For her special day, I surprised her by decorating them with both the rebellion and resistance symbols and her name and date on her sneakers. She squealed with delight of course:)

Cake it Up!

I had so much fun with the cake. Gia loves details just like mama, and she was so upset with me because she thought the cake was too plain. She was unaware I had incorporated the Star Wars theme. She as well as everyone else was surprised when we turned the cake around!

More details on the DIY Donut Wall coming soon. Donuts provided by The Donut Pub in NYC

Most photos by Jonathan Breton

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