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Mazu: A Family Focused Platform

In this digital age, the scary fact is an increasing number of children, are becoming more active on social media sites without their parental consent. So it’s important for families to have a go-to platform that offers youth-appropriate content, advanced security, and easy parent monitoring tools.  Before our children wonder online creating fraudulent accounts, Mazu is addressing this universal need with its family-focused platform.screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-47-44-am
Mazu was developed to safely connect kids and families with their favorite interests, sports teams, and each other – transforming screen-time into a safe and meaningful experience. Mazu is pioneering a more positive approach to online safety, as children learn to engage in healthy online behavior that inspires positive action both on and offline. Mazu is trusted by some of the biggest names in professional sports to build their kids club products and to lead the conversation with their youngest fans. In Mazu, kids can also access a variety of other clubs, like Club Space, Club Food and Club Weird Science, and parents can access their Family Manager tool where they can review and manage their child’s activity in any of the Mazu clubs.
and more!
In Mazu, kids can explore their interests and families can communicate with each other in a way that is engaging, convenient and safe:
  • Kids can participate in virtual clubs like Club Space, Club Food, Club Cinema, Club Weird Science, and more, and enjoy daily content feed that offers daily real-world challenges for kids and families to explore.
  • Kids can join group chats in any of the Mazu clubs where they can talk about the weekly content with each other, and where real-life experts sometimes get in on the fun!
  • Families can create a private “family group” to chat and share with only the people they choose
Mazu safeguards its apps through:
  • Full compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and certification by Privo.
  • Advanced chat monitoring technology, which filters out bad language, abusive comments and can even decipher harmful or negative messaging
  • A Family Manager tool where parents can review their child’s activity and adjust privacy settings
  • Kids can’t post comments, participate in a chat, or upload content until parents authorize their account.
  • Private Family Groups to chat and share with anyone they choose

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