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The MOMS: MathMOMS Mamarazzi

Who knew Math could be so much fun?  Apparently Mathnasium has known for the longest time, because they make Math make sense.  As simple as that sounds, I can attest that every child learns differently and what can make sense to one doesn’t always for all.  My son attended a math program, that was so stuck on teaching him the basics of 1+1, that he quickly became frustrated and we soon had to cancel the program.

However, partaking in a fun session with Larry from Mathnasium at the MathMOMS Mamarazzi event last week I noticed JD very involved.  He was eager to put his hand up.  Eager to answer and listen to what the other kids had to say.  Doing technical math and yet not writing a thing down!  Clearly this is a program that can help JD.  As we embark on long division of multiple digits, I am happy to have been introduced to Mathnasium. And we anticipate having JD enrolled.

Of course the day wasn’t all about JD, and his Math needs.  Danica McKellar introduced us to her new book Goodnight Numbers.  Perfect for little ones ages 1-5, who may at some point feel defeated by the Ten Frame.  Filled with numbers. Filled with ten frames. This is the book we have been counting on, for not only your littles to understand the ten frame, but dare I say for us to get a full grasp on it as well!

For more on The MOMS MathMOMS Mamarazzi event, and to find out how to be included in future events visit TheMOMS.com and click on the video below for a Minute with The MOMS and Danica McKellar.

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