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Moms Night Out with Mom Trends

Being a mom is hard work, our days are filled with to do lists usually a mile long. Our evenings are mapped out with all the after school activities we enroll our kids in to ensure they are well rounded. We are constantly on duty, constantly cleaning, cooking, prepping. So much so that we forget how good a moms night out would be.

Then the invite for the annual MomTrends and Parents Magazine moms night out rolls around and without hesitation you instantly RSVP! Later you go back to realize the event includes activations from your favorite brands, (double WIN) Parents Magazine, Parents Latina Magazine, Baby Dove and Clorox.

Always a favorite, I am a Parents magazine subscriber (yes magazines are still a thing). I have always loved their parenting tips, entertaining ideas, Parent Food recipes and so much more. Naturally a DIY’er at heart I was drawn in by the cutesy food crafts which are in both Parents and Parents Latina magazines. The October issue is filled with easy ideas and fun food crafts to do with the kids for an afternoon break before starting homework.

You know my youngest is a thumb sucker. So as you can imagine I was literally in Clorox heaven. The thought of all the things we could wipe down and rid 99% of germs of excited me beyond.  Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes conveniently tackle all of our life’s messes – from spilled glitter glue, thank you slime craze – while removing germs, bacteria and countless other nasties we may find lurking in our home. 

Thankfully my love for Clorox has been passed down to our children. My daughter who watches me tidy up all our of our spaces with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, has picked up and mimicked my good habits and does the same with her dolls, dollhouse and all of her own spaces. Sometimes these messes just happen, and other times they are intentionally created, clearly we are Moms gone wild. Luckily Clorox disinfecting wipes are always there to clean up mine and Stephanie’s messes.

As a family we naturally all have sensitive skin. Dove has always been a favorite of ours since having our own babies. Babies are born with a living protective layer of microflora on their skin, known as their microbiome. Baby Dove is uniquely made with prebiotic moisture and 100% skin-natural nutrients to gently nourish your baby’s delicate microbiome. Although our babies are no longer so little we are still eager to protect and nourish their skin with Dove.

Creating our my scent is not something I ever considered. You are thinking it’s so Kardashian right?! My thoughts exactly. Skip all the drama, and it was so much simpler with Parents Magazine. Having chosen a variety of essentials oils, I created my very own scent which I am enjoying. The hint of my new scent reminds me of the fun festive night out with friends new and old. The laughs, the food, the creativity.

With each breathe of my new scent I am also reminded stepping away to recharge and indulge in activities with friends needs to happen more often. I know it is not easy planning such an event, but believe me it is worth having a little me time. Your family will thank you for it!

This is a sponsored post of behalf of Momtrends and the brands featured in this article. As always, all opinions are our own.

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