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My Top 5 Cricut Projects to Make from Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring Break is here! Unlike any Spring Break we have experienced before we are home purging and organizing by day, and binge watching Netflix by night. How often do we all say if, and when we have the time we will purge and organize the play room, the basement etc. I took that to the next level and created a calendar to empty, sort, purge, and organize each room in our home. No black garbage bags were harmed during this process, I promise. We mostly used recyclable bags and donated most of our purged items to local families.

From desk to pantry organization and everything in between here are 5 Cricut projects from my fellow Cricut savvy bloggers to help you organize your home while we are quarantined.

Desk Drawer Organization Labels

Bring on the mess, no matter what we tend to do chaos ensues in the desk drawer. Organizedish by Lela Burris is helping us do our best, to organize it all with labels where everything has a place of its own.

DIY Pantry Labels

There have been more times then I care to recount where flour has spilled all over the pantry cupboard, as well as sugar. The bags they come in are just not suitable for storage. With that in mind I love the idea of canisters. We have them in our pantry as well, and have labeled them all. Thank you The Suburban Mom for encouraging pantries that are visually appealing. Also my daughter is learning to read the labels and can help with putting away the groceries. Secret Mom Win.

Lunchbox Organization

Like many of us, my goal is to live an organized life, which equates to me labeling most things so the kids know exactly where their items belong. This leads to them actually putting things away (in my mind at least). Planning ahead for the return to school net year, this Lunchbox Drop helped us empty and tuck away lunchboxes every evening.

Bathroom Towel Display Organization

What a great idea to organize the bathroom towels and label each persons towel! The goal for this mom was to keep the towels tidy and not hanging all over her tiny bathroom, I can relate to IrieMade! It drives me nuts to see the towels hanging from the shower rod, and the door etc.

Sock Matching Hack

Sock Matching in our home, is a nightmare, I am sure many can relate. This hack is the cutest idea, and simple to create! Get ready to label your socks in the cutest fashion and save some time in the future matching socks with Sustain My Craft Habit.

I hope in sharing my fellow blogger as well as my own organization blog posts we inspire you to organize at least one clutter zone in your home for your family. Please comment below and let us know what area you are organizing or need help organizing and we will share our ideas with you!

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