The Need for Speed with FiOS

Verizon Fios School Yard Style

Rather than enjoy the last few weeks of Summer parents everywhere are running scared to ensure they secure everything on their little ones Back-to-school list.  I’m not going to lie I for sure was one of them.  By no means do I wish to send you into a panic however unless you have Verizon FiOS you have forgotten a very important element of your child’s back to school needs.

Today’s children are learning technology where we learned penmanship (that’s another issue, that I will not get into).  Point is we can not leave them in the lurch with connection speeds because the kid next door will be coding while your child is still trying to login into their WiFi!

I may play it off as the need for speed with FiOS is something we need because my son is moving up in school and will be coding this year etc., however, I am pretty sure I did not pull the wool over my husband’s eyes.  Either way we switched to Verizon FiOS because they offer more speed for families with multiple internet devices.

As a family, with 4 MacBooks, 7 tablets, and a variety of smartphones, is it no wonder we pretended to forget our WiFi password when friends and family came over.  Now with Verizon FiOS fiber optic connection we can post our password on our communication board for all to see!   Oh yeah, the hubby and his producer are also happy to do without my dare I say annoying phone calls and continuous complaints of turtle-like internet speeds in this day and age from our previous carrier despite their various visits with a variety of routers.

Triple Play Installation Day..

Our day began with a courtesy call, from our technician Brian who would be arriving in 15 minutes.   Up since 4 am, and already on the computer all morning and throwing back cups of caffeine like they were tic tacs I thought…. clearly they’re NOT…. so let’s use that 15 minute warning call to brush my teeth and throw on real people clothes.

Brian arrived without a hassle of converter boxes, remotes, cables etc because Verizon Fios ships it all to you in one neat box ahead of your scheduled appointment. Time passed as my kids were entertained talking to Brian and learning all about Verizon Fios Triple Play has to offer which we signed up for and before long the install was done and we were ready to go out for the day.

Our Thoughts on Verizon Fios…

Verizon Fios School Yard Style

The kids are loving their newly installed Fios setups, my daughter says she has a brand new tv and it has the best channels!  As for JD I woke up this morning to find him watching Father Knows Best and I smiled as I reminisced watching as a child with my brother.  JD has also learned rather quickly to program the DVR… Why?? Fios did you have to make it so easy for him to learn?!  I now have 5 minutes of random shows thanks to my sons obsessions of recording.

As for the hubby, both he and the producer are anxious to maybe stay within the budget on this show now that I won’t be calling so often, who knows I may even receive a wrap gift!  Hubby is also happy that switching to Verizon Fios didn’t require a contract, and our rate was guaranteed for two years! Yeah I am definitely getting a wrap gift or maybe a bigger Christmas present, either way mom is winning.

Although I haven’t had much time to watch tv, because I have been speeding my life away on the blog playing catch up now that I have internet connection that can keep up with me.  I promise to binge watch the season of something good real soon and tell you my thoughts.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of a campaign I am participating in with as a Verizon FiOS New York Ambassador #FiOSNY

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