Cooking up a Bright Future One Meal at a Time

We were invited by MomTrends to the Institute for Culinary Education, for an afternoon of cooking and learning. I’m the Mom who is always cooking last minute due to work. So naturally, I was thrilled to sit back and learn how to plan for my children’s education, while the littles cooked for me!

A full on Italian Meal was prepped within an hour.  Clearly I need more of these little chefs in my kitchen, because it takes me much longer to get it all done, and they were working from scratch!

Education is the one thing where I draw the line in the sand.  It comes before everything else.  So naturally planning to ensure we have secured the proper funds for our children’s education is a must.  The bonus is opening a 529 account takes less than 10 minutes!

My Quick Tips on the NY 529 Program:

The monies saved via your child’s NY 529 Plan can be used for more than just college.  Think vocational, and post secondary trade schools, as well as the various, endless supplies needed including that laptop that is a must have the minute the acceptance letter is received!

You don’t have to be a child’s parent or legal guardian to create a NY 529 account, yep you know you want to share this post with family members and we don’t blame you!  A NY 529 plan is the gift that keeps on giving as it should.  An account can be created with as little as $25, so basically what you would give anyone in a birthday card, you can place into a NY 529, and have the relief to know your gift will go much further than you could ever imagine.

Can you imagine if you woke up one morning and decided you are ready to return to school yourself? You could easily change the beneficiary to yourself, a sibling or another relative.  Although, I am already planning for my kids to be full time actors, and both have already joined the screen actors union, this is one tidbit I will not share with them.  So lets keep this one on the hush! As I stated before education comes before everything.

I suggest you sign up as soon as possible, and include the gift code provided with the next evite you send! Imagine a birthday without presents everywhere, taking up space we no longer have, and family members who directly gift/contribute to your children’s college fund.

For me the NY529 College Savings Program is the gift that continues to give, I hope you sign up and feel the same.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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    The meal looks delish and the info your learned about 529s is even better!

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